In the Repository of the University of Ljubljana (RUL) we store and make available to the public:
– Written final works of studies;
– Publications of UL employees with COBISS typologies 1 and 2;
– Publications, published by the UL faculties and academies (articles from journals, monographs, textbooks ...);
– Research data and other types of research results in digital form (research software that is generated in research, multimedia, videos ...).

Public availability in RUL increases  visibility and impact of publications very much (see tab V številkah – Letna poročila).

Legal bases for open science, binding for university teachers, researchers, associates, (doctoral) students, librarians and data stewards of UL, are:
– Council conclusions on research assessment and implementation of open science;
– Horizon Europe (European Commission, 2021–2027), Article 17 of the grant agreement;
– Resolution on the Slovenian scientific research and innovation strategy 2030, mostly chapter 6.2.;
– Action plan for open science;
– Scientific research and innovation activities act, Articles 40-42;
– Public information access act, Article 6.č;
– Decree on the implementation of scientific research work in accordance with the principles of open science;
– Rules on conditions for providing library public service, Article 45(3);
– The statutes of UL, Articles 6 and 133;
– Strategy of UL 2022-2027, item 7.2, performance indicator RP2-K6;
– Rules on stable funding of UL scientific research activities, Articles 25 and 26;
– Rules on doctoral studies at UL, mostly Article 50.

Project partners
Operation part financed by the European Union, European Regional Development Fund and Ministry of Education, Science and Sport in the framework of the Operational Programme for Strengthening Regional Development Potentials for Period 2007 - 2013.
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