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Faculty or academy of UL BSc MScPhD OtherAll
Academy of Fine Arts and Design1930 22
Academy of Music       0
Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television    0 0
Biotechnical Faculty564603105
Faculty of Administration39110 50
Faculty of Architecture    0 0
Faculty of Arts180482 230
Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology000 0
Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering33193 55
Faculty of computer and information science 15153 33
Faculty of Economics01071 108
Faculty of Education665104121
Faculty of Electrical Engineering20222145
Faculty of Law0473 50
Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport    0 0
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics22244353
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering2500 25
Faculty of Medicine  00 0
Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering4081352
Faculty of Pharmacy00   0
Faculty of Social Sciences38680 106
Faculty of Social Work000 0
Faculty of Sport38251 64
Theological Faculty7141 22
University College of Health Studies58200 78
University of Ljubljana       0
Veterinary Faculty  00 0
Last update: 19.10.2018