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Faculty or academy of UL BSc MScPhD OtherAll
Academy of Fine Arts and Design440 8
Academy of Music    0  0
Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television0      0
Biotechnical Faculty132133370
Faculty of Administration630918
Faculty of Architecture3183125
Faculty of Arts18251852
Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology10811938
Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering363517
Faculty of computer and information science 701715
Faculty of Education11210335
Faculty of Electrical Engineering111211135
Faculty of Law0103114
Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport350311
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics11327
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering18932252
Faculty of Medicine  054247
Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering1581630
Faculty of Pharmacy12901141
Faculty of Social Sciences581418
Faculty of Social Work1090120
Faculty of Sport0901120
School of Economics and Business156001590
Theological Faculty03014
University College of Health Studies324  137
University of Ljubljana       0
Veterinary Faculty  0268
Last update: 26.06.2022
* Values in this table cannot be just added up, since a single work can be published in multiple organizations.