The table includes keywords of all theses, where this person is in the role of a mentor. Keywords are sorted by the frequency, with most frequent keywords at the top. Most frequent keywords may tell, what this mentor's research fields and interests are.

Person: Robert Zorec

Together there are 34 keywords, that are appearing 40 times.
6 of them (17.65 % of all) appear more than once, together appearing 12 times (30 % of all appearances).

2x16.67%membranska fuzija, elektrofiziologija, astrocytes, eksocitoza, membranska kapacitivnost, astrociti
1xfusion pores, endocitoza, microscopy, vesicles, synaptopHluorin, holesterol, synaptobrevin, metil-beta-ciklodekstrin, membranski splav, konfokalna mikroskopija, SNARE, melanotrofi, disertacije, laktotrofi, immunohistochemistry, SIM, glia, superločljivostna fluorescenčna mikroskopija, velikost mešičkov, akvaporin 4, oligodendrocyte, adult mouse CNS, MACS system, neurodegenerative diseases, vodni kanali, cell cultures, optic nerve, proteins