The tables show this person cooperation with other persons on the relation mentor - co-mentor. First table shows a list of persons and number of theses, where this person is a mentor, while the other table shows a list of persons, where selected person is in the role of commentor. Both tables show the number of theses with this relation.

Person: Nataša Poklar Ulrih

Person as a mentor
Nataša Poklar UlrihMihaela Skrt4
Janez Valant1
Irena Vovk1
Kristina Sepčić1
Iztok Jože Košir1
Lea Pogačnik da Silva1
Sonja Smole Možina1
Polona Jamnik1

Person as a co-mentor
Nataša Poklar UlrihRajko Vidrih3
Gregor Anderluh1
Kristina Sepčić1
Tom Turk1
Nataša Šegatin1
Peter Raspor1
Veronika Abram1