The tables show this person cooperation with other persons on the relation mentor - co-mentor. First table shows a list of persons and number of theses, where this person is a mentor, while the other table shows a list of persons, where selected person is in the role of commentor. Both tables show the number of theses with this relation.

Person: Katja Lozar Manfreda

Person as a mentor
Katja Lozar ManfredaAndraž Petrovčič2
Gregor Petrič1
Miha Matjašič1
Janez Jug1
Damjan Škulj1
Bojana Lobe1
J. J. Hox1

Person as a co-mentor
Katja Lozar ManfredaNada Zupan1
Dana Mesner-Andolšek1
Valentina Hlebec1
Jaro Berce1
Nevenka Černigoj-Sadar1
Andraž Petrovčič1