The tables show this person cooperation with other persons on the relation mentor - co-mentor. First table shows a list of persons and number of theses, where this person is a mentor, while the other table shows a list of persons, where selected person is in the role of commentor. Both tables show the number of theses with this relation.

Person: Dušan Žagar

Person as a mentor
Dušan ŽagarMatjaž Četina6
Matjaž Ličer3
Gregor Petkovšek3
Matjaž Ličer2
Monika Peterlin1
Matej David1
Andreas Kortenhaus1
Janko Logar1
Suzana Žižek1
Davide Bonaldo1
Boris Kompare1
Nataša Atanasova1
Gorazd Novak1
Jože Panjan1
Andrej Kryžanowski1
Paolo Zimmaro1
Maja Jeromel1

Person as a co-mentor
Dušan ŽagarMitja Brilly1
Marjeta Kramar Fijavž1
Andrej Černe1
Andrej Kryžanowski1
Matjaž Četina1