Information and other needs of library users of Romanian minority in Voivodina : master thesis
Almažan, Anda (Avtor), Vilar, Polona (Mentor) Več o mentorju... Povezava se odpre v novem oknu, Južnič, Primož (Komentor)

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This study presents the survey about the information and other needs of library users of Romanian minority in Voivodina. The main aim of this study is to reveal that public libraries that collect publications in Romanian language and their services need to develop and modernize in the spirit of the digital age, with the purpose to meet the information and other needs of its users. The survey was carried out over a six months period, from June to December 2013. The survey covered web-based and ordinary questionnaires for users and interview for librarians. The data were gathered from library users and librarians of four public libraries in Voivodina that collect publications in Romanian language, these libraries being located in Alibunar, Torak, Uzdin and Vrsac. Totally 41 valid questionnaires and 4 interview responses were gathered and used for analysis. Although the results of the research may not be valid for the whole population, because the response rate was rather small, compared with other similar researches and considering homogeneity of population, some general conclusions were made. The results of this research are compared with the results of similar researches of national minority library users from Croatia, England and Sweden. The results of this research reveal the information and other needs of library users of Romanian minority. The results reveal which are the most needed library information resources, the preferable language of library information service, satisfaction with library, frequency of library use etc. The results are presented by utilizing descriptive statistics. The value and originality of this study lays in the fact that this is the first attempt to do the empirical research on the topic of user needs of any national minority library users in Serbia. Therefore, this research can be perceived as a pilot project. It can be used as a starting point for compiling a large national project that will help improvement of all libraries of national minority library users in Serbian multicultural region Voivodina. This research could also inspire librarians for further multicultural library and information science researches.

Jezik:Angleški jezik
Ključne besede:information and other needs, Romanian minority, library users, public libraries, bolonjske magistrske naloge
Vrsta gradiva:Magistrsko delo/naloga (mb22)
Tipologija:2.09 - Magistrsko delo
Organizacija:FF - Filozofska fakulteta
Leto izida:2014
Založnik:[A. Almažan]
Št. strani:89 f.
COBISS.SI-ID:56582242 Povezava se odpre v novem oknu
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Vaša ocena:Ocenjevanje je dovoljeno samo prijavljenim uporabnikom.
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