Reconsidering the EHEA principles: is there a “Bologna philosophy”?
ID Zgaga, Pavel (Avtor)

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While using the term "the EHEA principles", we need to differentiate between several aspects, horizons and rationales. What kind of principle is at stake here? Principles may be procedural but also substantive; they can either be deducted from the real world or agreed among people (nations); in the latter meaning, they can function as a fundamental truth and/or a motivating force. They can justify the ruling opinion or form a doctrine. When using this term, one should bear several of these aspects in mind. But these aspects are not always and not necessarily congruent. Therefore, it is important to differentiate among them and, then, to systematise them. On the other hand, references to this term are very frequent when discussing the “Bologna”. However, the term is often understood in a very general sense, which is not really informative. Addressing these issues, examining the original Bologna documents and trying to systematise “the EHEA principles” and reconsider them in the “beyond 2010” light is the main aim of this paper.

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