Benthic biogeochemical cycling of mercury in two contaminated northern Adriatic coastal lagoons
ID Covelli, Stefano (Author), ID Emili, Andrea (Author), ID Acquavita, Alessandro (Author), ID Koron, Neža (Author), ID Faganeli, Jadran (Author)

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Previous research recognized most of the Northern Adriatic coastal lagoon environment as contaminated by mercury (Hg) from multiple anthropogenic sources. Among them, Pialassa Baiona (P.B.) Lagoon, located near the city of Ravenna (Italy), received between 100 and 200 tons of Hg, generated by an acetaldehyde factory in the period 1957-1977. Further east, the Grado Lagoon has been mainly affected by a long-term Hg imput from the Idrija mine (western Slovenia) through the Isonzo River since the 16th century. Hg cyclingat the sediment-water interface (SWI) of the two lagoons was investigated and compared by means of an in situ benthic camber, estimating diffusive Hg and Methyl-Hg fluxes in the summer season...

Keywords:morje, Pialassa Baiona, Gradeška laguna, Soča, Idrija, Živo srebro, kontaminacija, onesnaževanje, okoljske vede, sediment, bentoški pretok, biogeokemijsko kroženje, morske lagune, lagune
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Typology:1.01 - Original Scientific Article
Organization:BF - Biotechnical Faculty
Number of pages:Str. 1777-1789
Numbering:Vol. 31
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ISSN on article:0278-4343
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Publication date in RUL:10.07.2015
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Title:Continental Shelf Research
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