The degradation of different Schypozoan jellyfish species by the ambient bacterial community
Turk, Valentina (Author)

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The chemical composition and degradation of dead jellyfish tissue of Aurelia sp., pelagia noctiluca and Rhizostoma pulmo by the ambient bacterial communitywas studied in laboratory experiment using samples from the Gulf of Trieste (northern Adriatic). Preliminary results showed rapid hydrolyzes of proteins in the presence of the natural microbial community and significant release of disolved and anorganic nutrients, which can significantly alter thecarbon and nitrogen cycles and ohygen dynamics in the surrounding environment.

Keywords:morje, referati, kemijska analiza, kemijska sestava, bakterijska degradacija, bakterijski razpad, meduze, Tržaški zaliv, fosfati, hranilne snovi, struktura bakterijske populacije, severni Jadran
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Tipology:1.08 - Published Scientific Conference Contribution
Organization:BF - Biotechnical Faculty
Number of pages:str. 409
Numbering:vol 39, št. 1
ISSN on article:0373-434X
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Title:Rapports et Proces Verbaux des Réunions - Commission Internationale pour l'Exploration Scientifique de la Mer Méditerranée
Shortened title:Rapp. P-V. Réun. - Comm. Int. Explor. Sci. Mer Mediterr.
Publisher:Commission internationale pour l'exploration scientifique de la Mer Méditerranée
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Keywords:Adriatic Sea, bacteria, medusae, nutrients, organic matter

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