Supplementation with >Your< Iron Syrup corrects iron status in a mouse model of diet-induced iron deficiency
ID Pirman, Tatjana (Author), ID Lenardič, Ajda (Author), ID Nemec Svete, Alenka (Author), ID Horvat, Simon (Author)

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The objective of this study was to compare the effects of >Your< Iron Syrup, a novel oral liquid iron-containing food supplement, with the commonly prescribed iron sulphate (Fe-sulphate) in a mouse model of diet-induced iron deficiency. Standard inbred BALB/cOlaHsd mice were fed low-iron diet for 11 weeks to induce significant decrease in blood haemoglobin and haematocrit and were then supplemented by gavage with either >Your< Iron Syrup or Fe-sulphate for two weeks. In >Your< Iron Syrup group, several markers of iron deficiency, such as serum iron concentration, transferrin saturation and ferritin level were significantly improved in both female and male mice. Fe-sulphate induced similar responses, except that it did not significantly increase iron serum in females and serum ferritin in both sexes. Fe-sulphate significantly increased liver-iron content which >Your< Iron Syrup did not. Transcription of Hamp and selected inflammatory genes in the liver was comparable between the two supplementation groups and with the Control diet group. Some sex-specific effects were noted, which were more pronounced and less variable in males. In conclusion, >Your< Iron Syrup was efficient, comparable and in some parameters superior to Fe-sulphate in improving iron-related parameters without inducing a response of selected liver inflammation markers in a mouse model of diet-induced iron deficiency.

Keywords:nutritional iron deficiency, oral supplementation, mice, >Your< Iron Syrup, Fe-sulphate
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Publication date in RUL:08.03.2022
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Keywords:pomanjkanje železa, železo, prehranski dodatki, laboratorijske miši


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Name:Primerjalna genomika in genomska biodiverziteta

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Project number:P4-0097
Name:Prehrana in mikrobna ekologija prebavil

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