Mycotoxin decontamination of food : cold atmospheric pressure plasma versus "classic" decontamination
ID Hojnik, Nataša (Author), ID Cvelbar, Uroš (Author), ID Tavčar-Kalcher, Gabrijela (Author), ID Walsh, James L. (Author), ID Križaj, Igor (Author)

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Mycotoxins are secondary metabolites produced by several filamentous fungi, which frequently contaminate our food, and can result in human diseases affecting vital systems such as the nervous and immune systems. They can also trigger various forms of cancer. Intensive food production is contributing to incorrect handling, transport and storage of the food, resulting in increased levels of mycotoxin contamination. Mycotoxins are structurally very diverse molecules necessitating versatile food decontamination approaches, which are grouped into physical, chemical and biological techniques. In this review, a new and promising approach involving the use of cold atmospheric pressure plasma is considered, which may overcome multiple weaknesses associated with the classical methods. In addition to its mycotoxin destruction efficiency, cold atmospheric pressure plasma is cost effective, ecologically neutral and has a negligible effect on the quality of food products following treatment in comparison to classical methods.

Keywords:cold atmospheric pressure plasma technology, mycotoxins, physical decontamination, chemical decontamination, biological decontamination
Work type:Article
Typology:1.02 - Review Article
Organization:VF - Veterinary Faculty
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Numbering:Vol. 9, iss. 5, art. 151
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ISSN on article:2072-6651
DOI:10.3390/toxins9050151 This link opens in a new window
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Publication date in RUL:22.09.2021
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Title:Toxins : Elektronski vir
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