Digital Marketing And Social Media In The Network Society : theories and applications
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The transition from mechanical to digital electronic technology has brought about the so-called “digital revolution”, which has profoundly changed the approach to the work and culture. The exponential growth of new technologies recorded with the revolution has brought a change in all aspects of society and the way people communicate and relate to each other. Moreover, the organizational logics and behaviors of companies, consumers and workers have also transformed. The rules of communication and marketing have also been transformed by social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram, which have created a new code that differs from the recognized models. The thesis is divided into two parts for a total of four chapters. The first part develops the theoretical context, starting from the pervasive diffusion of internet and information technologies, passing through an analysis of the literature, which provides a clearer view of the subject, until the definition of the concept of digital marketing. The second part is dedicated to methodological issues, and in particular to two case studies, through which it is possible to show how tools and techniques can be effectively applied for the promotion of a brand, a product or a service and to facilitate the application of specific strategies in the digital space. Summarizing, the main objective of this thesis is to investigate how public and private sector players act in the definition of a marketing and communication strategy aimed at achieving certain objectives, using a series of digital tools and platforms. It is also highlighted how social networks have given new opportunities to companies and their marketing strategies and how the monitoring by means of web Analytics can be the right way to achieve good results in terms of performance.

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Jezik:Slovenski jezik
Naslov:Digitalni marketing in družbeni mediji v omrežni družbi : teorije in aplikacije
Ključne besede:digitalni marketing, družbeni mediji, omrežna družba

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