The tables show this person cooperation with other persons on the relation mentor - co-mentor. First table shows a list of persons and number of theses, where this person is a mentor, while the other table shows a list of persons, where selected person is in the role of commentor. Both tables show the number of theses with this relation.

Person: Simon Horvat

Person as a mentor
Simon HorvatRok Keber2
Tatjana Pirman1
Tanja Kunej1
Roman Jerala1
Drago Kompan1
Damjana Rozman1
Luka Juvančič1
Mojca Benčina1
Dušan Terčič1
Iva Hafner Bratkovič1

Person as a co-mentor
Simon HorvatTanja Kunej3
Irena Rogelj1
Uroš Petrovič1
Andrej Orešnik1
Janez Salobir1