Drivers of regeneration dynamics following salvage logging and different silvicultural treatments in windthrow areas in Slovenia
ID Fidej, Gal (Author), ID Rozman, Andrej (Author), ID Diaci, Jurij (Author)

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We studied regeneration dynamics in forests disturbed by three different windthrow events in 2008 in Slovenia to assess the success of natural regeneration vs planting and subsequent silvicultural treatments. Fifty-three plots with planted saplings of Norway spruce and sycamore maple and 50 plots with dominant naturally regenerated saplings were selected in a randomly stratified manner. Sapling characteristics (height, height increment, root collar diameter, free-to-grow score, browsing and micro-site) were assessed in 2012 and 2014. Herbs and seedling establishment were studied in two subplots within each plot. Average seedling density was 13,074 and 14,674 ha%1 four and six years after the windthrows, respectively. Seedlings were irregularly distributed, which suggests micro-site differences in regeneration dynamics. The results indicated lower seedling success on sites that were southerly exposed, farther from the forest edge and seed trees, on undisturbed micro-sites and at higher altitudes. On such sites planting was justified. While seedling density indicated a positive relation to herb coverage, sapling survival was negatively associated with it as well as with browsing. Initial sapling height was the strongest predictor of survival. Spruce saplings had the lowest mortality, while shade-tolerant silver fir and beech experienced high mortality. The study indicated a high density and species diversity of naturally regenerated seedlings within windthrow areas, which was reduced by planting, mowing of competing vegetation and protection measures favouring planted saplings. Recommendations for the improvement of silvicultural operations for post windthrow restoration are given.

Keywords:windthrow restoration, natural regeneration, planting, aspect, altitude
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Publication date in RUL:02.02.2018
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