Členek in veznik kot konektorja - raba in funkcija v različnih besedilnih vrstah : magistrsko delo
Lipovšek, Alenka (Author), Smolej, Mojca (Mentor) More about this mentor... This link opens in a new window

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Členek in veznik v besedilih opravljata različne vloge. Medtem ko je prvotna vloga veznika prav povezovanje, imajo členki dve glavni vlogi - naklonsko oziroma modalno in povezovalno. Členkom in veznikom je torej skupna povezovalna funkcija, v besedilih se udejanjajo kot besedilni povezovalci oziroma konektorji. Tako na ravni besedila vzpostavljajo kohezijo in koherenco in skrbijo za povezovanje stavkov, povedi v smiselno celoto. Magistrska naloga prikazuje pregled členkovnih in vezniških konektorjev v različnih besedilnih vrstah, njihovo funkcijo in rabo. Prikazuje analizo istovrstnih konektorjev v različnih vrstah besedil, posebna pozornost je namenjena členkovnim in vezniškim konektorjem, ki so homonimni in zato med njimi težje razločujemo.

Keywords:slovenščina, členek, veznik, konektorji, besedne vrste, bolonjski magisteriji
Work type:Master's thesis/paper (mb22)
Tipology:2.09 - Master's Thesis
Organization:FF - Faculty of Arts
Publisher:[A. Lipovšek]
Number of pages:[6] f., 74, [17] str.
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Secondary language

In different types of text particle and conjunction perform different roles. While the primary function of conjunctions is to connect together two different parts of a sentence, particles have two main roles - they can either express mood, that is to say modality, or can function as connectors. The connective function is what particles and conjunctions have in common. In text they are put into practice as text connectives or in other words sentence connectors. On the textual level they play the role of cohesive and coherence devices as they link the clauses and sentences into a sensible whole. This Master's thesis presents a review of connective particles and conjunctive connectives in different text types. It also demonstrates their function and their use on the basis of the analysis that was carried out to observe connectors of the same kind, paying special attention to connective particles and conjunctive connectives that are homonyms and are therefore not easily differentiated.

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