Merilna proga za infrardečo termografsko analizo procesa liofilizacije
Ovtar, Domen (Author), Golobič, Iztok (Mentor) More about this mentor... This link opens in a new window

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V zaključnem delu smo zasnovali merilno progo, ki omogoča infrardečo termografsko analizo liofilizacijskega procesa. Merilna proga vključuje povezovalne in nosilne elemente za opazovanje procesa liofilizacije z infrardečo kamero FLIR A655sc v liofilizatorju Lyostar 3. Posebno pozornost smo namenili steklu, ki mora delno prepuščati IR sevanje in se nahaja v območju temperaturne razlike do 70 K in tlačne razlike do 10^5 Pa, hkrati pa moramo preprečiti rosenje na steklu.

Keywords:infrardeča termografija liofilizacija infrardeče sevanje infrardeča kamera liofilizator merilna proga
Work type:Bachelor thesis/paper (mb11)
Organization:FS - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
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Title:Experimental setup for infrared thermographic analysis of lyophilization process
In this work we have designed an experimental setup that enables an infrared thermographic analysis of the lyophilization process. The experimental setup contains elements that connect and support the observation of lyophilization process with the infrared camera FLIR A655sc in the Lyostar 3 lyophilizer. Great attention was dedicated to the glass, that has to partially transmit infrared light and be under the effect of a temperature difference of up to 70 K and a pressure difference of up to 10^5 Pa, at the same time fogging has to be prevented on the glass.

Keywords:infrared thermography lyophilization infrared radiation infrared camera lyophilizator experimental setup

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