Gubanje tankih filmov na elastični podlagi
ID Kumer, Nina (Author), ID Brojan, Miha (Mentor) More about this mentor... This link opens in a new window

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PID: 20.500.12556/rul/12d3cbff-75d7-4b87-b976-1bcee7efd698

V zaključni nalogi je obravnavana mehanska stabilnost, natančneje gubanje tankih filmov, ki so pritrjeni na elastični substrat. Izpeljana je splošna diferencialna enačba za uklon nosilca, ki jo v nadaljevanju uporabimo pri obravnavi nosilca na zvezni elastični podlagi. S programom ANSYS ugotovimo, da se rezultati, ki nam jih dajo izpeljane enačbe, dobro ujemajo z rezultati numeričnih simulacij 2D kontinuuma in nosilca na elastični podlagi. Pri danih podatkih za oba pristopa dobimo enako deformacijsko obliko.

Keywords:uklon nosilca, gubanje, tanek film, elastični substrat, Winklerjeva podlaga
Work type:Bachelor thesis/paper
Organization:FS - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
PID:20.500.12556/RUL-95535 This link opens in a new window
Publication date in RUL:20.09.2017
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Title:Wrinkling of thin films on elastic substrate
The final assignment discusses mechanical stability, more precisely the wrinkling of thin films that are attached to an elastic substrate. A general differential equation for the buckling of the beam is derived, which is subsequently used in the discussion concerning the beam on a continuous elastic surface. With the aid of ANSYS program we conclude that the results given by the derived equations perfectly match the ones provided by the numerical simulations of 2D Continuum as well as the beam on an elastic surface. For given data both approaches give the same shape mode.

Keywords:buckling of the beam, wrinkling, thin film, elastic substrate, Winkler foundation

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