Spin diffusion from an inhomogeneous quench in an integrable system
ID Ljubotina, Marko (Author), ID Žnidarič, Marko (Author), ID Prosen, Tomaž (Author)

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Generalized hydrodynamics predicts universal ballistic transport in integrable lattice systems when prepared in generic inhomogeneous initial states. However, the ballistic contribution to transport can vanish in systems with additional discrete symmetries. Here we perform large scale numerical simulations of spin dynamics in the anisotropic Heisenberg XXZ spin 1/2 chain starting from an inhomogeneous mixed initial state which is symmetric with respect to a combination of spin reversal and spatial reflection. In the isotropic and easy-axis regimes we find non-ballistic spin transport which we analyse in detail in terms of scaling exponents of the transported magnetization and scaling profiles of the spin density. While in the easy-axis regime we find accurate evidence of normal diffusion, the spin transport in the isotropic case is clearly super-diffusive, with the scaling exponent very close to 2/3, but with universal scaling dynamics which obeys the diffusion equation in nonlinearly scaled time.

Keywords:quantum mechanics, integrable systems, spin diffusion
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Publication date in RUL:09.08.2017
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Keywords:kvantna mehanika, integrabilni sistemi, spinska difuzija


Funder:EC - European Commission
Funding programme:H2020
Project number:694544
Name:Open many-body non-equilibrium systems

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