Postavitev tehnologije in izdelava orodij za brizganje polimerov za izdelavo ohišja univerzalnega turbo pogona pri dizelskih motorjih
Jamnik, Jure (Author), Pušavec, Franci (Mentor) More about this mentor... This link opens in a new window, Kopač, Janez (Co-mentor)

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Diplomska naloga predstavlja potek izdelave orodja za brizganje polimerov za izdelavo ohišja univerzalnega turbo pogona pri dizelskih motorjih. Predstavljene so celotne zahteve kupca, njihove konstrukcijske zamisli, pomanjkljivosti in prvotna usklajevanja glede konstrukcijskih ter tehnoloških problemov. Predstavljen je potek izdelave posameznih sestavnih delov in sestave celotnega orodja. V drugem delu diplomske naloge je predstavljeno prvo vzorčenje orodja ter kasnejše prve konstrukcijske korekcije in tehnološke dodelave.

Keywords:polimer, brizganje, orodje za brizganje, oblika izdelka, sestava, korekcija
Work type:Bachelor thesis/paper (mb11)
Organization:FS - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
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Secondary language

Title:Technology and plastic injection mold tool development for manufacturing housings of universal turbo-charged diesel engines
This thesis presents the manufacturing process of an injection moulding tool, used for high volume manufacture of plastic parts. More specifically, it is used for injection moulding of plastic housings that are part of a universal, turbo-charged drive of diesel engines. The thesis contains all the provided documents and requirements by the customer, such as product specifications, construction ideas and all the necessary adjustments that were done due to construction and manufacturing related problems. Besides the presentation of the overall manufacturing process, a more detailed approach for every non-standard part of the injection moulding tool is also shown. In the second part of the thesis, the results of first sampling series are shown and all the necessary readjustment of the tool are presented.

Keywords:polymer, injection, tool for plastic injection, product design, assembly, correction

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