Analiza transformacije koordinat med koordinatnima sistemoma D48/GK in D96/TM na manjšem območju : diplomska naloga
ID Sedej, Dejan (Author), ID Stopar, Bojan (Mentor) More about this mentor... This link opens in a new window, ID Kuhar, Miran (Thesis defence commission member), ID Ferlan, Miran (Thesis defence commission member)

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V diplomski nalogi smo predstavili transformacijo med koordinatnima sistemoma D48/GK in D96/TM. Koordinate veznih točk v koordinatnem sistemu D48/GK so znane, v koordinatnem sistemu D96/TM pa so koordinate določene z uporabo GNSS-tehnologije z metodo VRS. Transformacijski parametri predstavljajo povezavo dveh koordinatnih sistemov in omogočajo preračun koordinat med koordinatnima sistemoma. Glavni namen diplomske naloge je poskus izvedbe optimalne podobnostne transformacije med omenjenima koordinatnima sistemoma glede na različno število in razporeditev veznih točk ter glede na velikost območja transformacije v dveh industrijsko-obrtnih conah v Logatcu.

Keywords:geodezija, diplomska naloga, VSŠ, D48/GK, D96/TM, GNSS, transformacija, transformacijski parametri, analiza
Work type:Undergraduate thesis (m5)
Typology:2.11 - Undergraduate Thesis
Organization:FGG - Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering
Publisher:[D. Sedej]
Number of pages:XI, 38 str., 8 pril.
PID:20.500.12556/RUL-84172 This link opens in a new window
COBISS.SI-ID:7546977 This link opens in a new window
Publication date in RUL:27.07.2016
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Title:Analysis of transformation coordinates between coordinate systems D48/GK and D96/TM for a small area
The following thesis presents the transformation between coordinate systems D48/GK and D96/TM. The coordinates of tie points in the coordinate system D48/GK are known. In the coordinate system D96/TM the coordinates have been determined using GNSS-technology with the VRS-method. Transformation parameters represent the connection between the two coordinate systems and enable the conversion of the coordinates between the two coordinate systems. The main purpose of this thesis is the attempt to perform an optimum similar transformation between the two mentioned coordinate systems, according to a different number and arrangement of tie points as well as the size of transformation area in two trade-industrial zones in Logatec.

Keywords:geodesy, graduation thesis, D48/GK, D96/TM, GNSS, transformation, transformation parameters, analysis

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