Regular teacher education vs. special teacher education
Peček Čuk, Mojca (Author), Macura Milovanović, Sunčica (Author), Ivan, Čuk (Author)

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The structure of pupils in schools today is changing, due to migrations and increased awareness that all pupils, including children with special needs, should receive the best possible education in regular classes. These changes affect, among other things, regular teacher education which increasingly includes instruction on how to teach in diverse classes, as well as special teacher education which is increasingly becoming more specific in response to children's special needs. As a result, teachers are no longer trained to teach children with special needs in general but can address individual groups of children with special needs and specialise as teachers for small ethnic groups, such as Roma children. However, even though such specialised teacher profiles are undoubtedly needed, they generate differences in the status of different profiles and the various methods of teaching. The consequence of such fragmentation is often teaching that is in conflict with the idea of inclusion to which schools and teachers are committed not only by various documents on the national and international level but also by ethical reasons, first and foremost by the right of children to receive high quality education in regular schools. The purpose of this paper is to highlight the consequences that this fragmentation has on teachers' work in classes, on the status of individual groups of pupils and teachers' profiles, and to present a few proposals to mitigate the consequences of fragmentation in teacher education.

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