Do variations in leaf phenology affect radial growth variations in Fagus sylvatica?
Čufar, Katarina (Author), De Luis, Martin (Author), Prislan, Peter (Author), Gričar, Jožica (Author), Črepinšek, Zalika (Author), Merela, Maks (Author), Kajfež-Bogataj, Lučka (Author)

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We used a dendrochronological and leaf phenology network of European beech (Fagus sylvatica) in Slovenia, a transitional area between Mediterranean, Alpine and Continental climatic regimes, for the period 1955-2007 to test whether year to year variations in leaf unfolding and canopy duration (i.e., time between leaf unfolding and colouring) influence radial growth (annual xylem production and tree-ring widths) and if such influences are more pronounced at higher altitudes. We showed that variability in leaf phenology has no significant effect on variations in radial growth. The results are consistent in the entire region, irrespective of the climatic regime or altitude, although previous studies have shown that leaf phenology and tree-ring variation depend on altitude. The lack of relationship between year to year variability in leaf phenology and radial growth may suggest that earlier leaf unfolding % as observed in a previous study - probably do not cause increased tree growth rates in beech in Slovenia.

Keywords:dendroklimatologija, klimatske razmere, branike, bukev
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