Hočevarica: absolutno datiranje
Čufar, Katarina (Author), Velušček, Anton (Author)

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The results of dendrochronological research of the Hočevarica pile dwelling settlement are presented. Two floating tree-ring chronologies are composed: a 72 year long ash wood chronology and a 139 year long oak wood chronology.

Keywords:Ljubljansko barje, kolišča, arheološki les, datiranje, dendrokronologija, bakrena doba
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Publisher:Inštitut za arheologijo ZRC SAZU: Založba ZRC
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Title:Hočevarica: absolute dating
Presented are the state of art and potentials of dendrochronology in Slovenia. The results of the investigations in the Ljubljansko barje are several tree-ring chronologies that cover parts of the 4th and the 3rd millennium B.C. The wood of ash and oak trees was mainly used in the Ljubljansko barje for the construction of the pile dwellings. The characteristics of waterlogged archaeological wood preserved underwater or buried in the soil in the Ljubljansko barje, are described. If the goal is to preserve it, then it must be prevented from desiccation. We present a strategy of its conservation treatment.

Keywords:Ljubljana moor, pile dwellings, archaeological wood, dating, dendrochronology, Copper Age

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