Teacher development in Slovenia for teaching foreign languages at the primary level
ID Brumen, Mihaela (Author), ID Dagarin Fojkar, Mateja (Author)

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The introduction of foreign languages into the first three-year cycle of primary school has spurred the need for qualified teachers, and is one of the main discussion points among experts in foreign language teaching. Most of the contemporary studies report that there is a global gap between the supply of qualified teachers of foreign languages to young learners and the demand for them as programmes expand. These studies emphasize the paramount importance in assuring the quality of early foreign language instruction. Therefore, the authors of this paper first present some of the models of initial and in-service training of teachers of foreign languages to young learners across the world and then focus on a more in-depth presentation and analysis of the training of teachers of foreign languages at the primary level in Slovenia. All the existing national programmes for teacher development are compared and discussed. Finally, some guidelines and recommendations are given regarding training teachers to teach foreign languages to young learners.

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Organization:PEF - Faculty of Education
Publisher:University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Education
Number of pages:27-53
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Publication date in RUL:10.07.2015
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Secondary language

Keywords:initial teacher training

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