Pojavljanje in gnezditvena gostota malega ponirka Tachybaptus ruficollis v ormoških bazenih
ID Štumberger, Borut (Author), ID Denac, Damijan (Author)

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The authors deal with the occurrence and breeding by Little Grebe in waste water basins of a sugar factory at Ormo (NE Slovenia). From 1992-93, the nests in three separate basins, in which breeding was made possible by the local ecological conditions, were researched. A very high breeding density of 4.5 to 8 pairsžha was established in them. Also surprising was a rather late beginning of their breeding - in June although this bird begins to bread in the surrounding localities already in April. Such late breeding in 1992-93 wascaused by the arrival of the breeding birds from the surrounding primary habitats, in which water had run dry as a result of the extremely hot and dry summers. This high breeding density should be therefore ascribed primarily to this particular circumstance, although it is true that such density would havebeen made possible only by a habitat rich with food, which is in a basin with eutrophic waste and partially cleared water no doubt possible. A high breeding density also requires a special behaviour by the birds. Little Grebesretain mutual tolerance with a sonic stimulation (Fraser Darling effect)which, after all, enables loose colonialism there.

Keywords:ornitologija, ptice, Slovenija, gnezdenje, Ormož
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Publisher:Društvo za opazovanje in proučevanje ptic Slovenije
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Publication date in RUL:10.07.2015
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Publisher:Društvo za opazovanje in proučevanje ptic Slovenije
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