Psihosocialna obremenjenost kroničnega telesnega bolnika - procesi spoprijemanja
Rakovec-Felser, Zlatka (Author)

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V zadnjem desetletju se v pojmovanju zdravja in bolezni vse bolj uveljavlja multifaktorski koncept, ki telesno bolnemu ne priznava le telesne, ampak tudi psihosocialno ogroženost. Prispevek posega prav na to področje. Razen situacijskega in subjektivnega vidika psihososcialne obremenjenosti bolnika obravnava tudi problematiko sloga oz. načina spoprijemanja z boleznijo. Pri tem se bolj kot na aspekt socialne adaptiranosti usmerja na vidik individualne učinkovitosti teh procesov.

Keywords:zdravstvena psihologija, spoprijemanje, kronični bolniki, stres
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Tipology:1.01 - Original Scientific Article
Organization:FDV - Faculty of Social Sciences
Publisher:Društvo psihologov Slovenije
Number of pages:str. 93-99
Numbering:Letn. 3, št. 1
ISSN on article:1318-1874
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Title:Psihološka obzorja
Publisher:Društvo psihologov Slovenije
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Secondary language

Title:Psychosocial stress of chronical somatic patient - coping processes
Already antique mentality considered man an inseparable, biopsychosocially whole being, even in the phase of disease. The linear causal model of health and disease, which came into force later, pushed such manner of thinking completely into the background for a longer period of time. As regard the comprehension of health and disease, during the last decades the multifactor concept, considering the individual factors in their constant interactional connection, has asserted itself increasingly. Thus not only a physical but also a psychosocial threat to the physically ill person was now acknowledged. The disease condition, and above all the condition of the chronical patient, was now considered complexly also from the viewpoint of his emotional involvement. It began to be comprehended as a stressogenic condition, one thatadditionally weakens the patient's defence potential, at the same time decreasing his possibilities of active participation in the process of treatment. As regards the problems of stress, attention was also drawn to the processes of confrontation, tackling and coping with stress. The present paperdeals with this theme. Apart from the situation dependent and subjective aspect of psychological stress on the patient, it also treats the problem regarding the style or manner in which the patient tackles his disease. Ratherthen toward the aspect of social adjustment, the paper is oriented toward the aspect of individual effectiveness of the processes.

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