Rdeči seznam ogroženih ptic gnezdilk Slovenije
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The explicitly negative detrimental influence of man on his natural environment is becoming increasingly greater and more aggresive. General decrease in numbers of bird species and even their complete disappearance is talking place at an ever faster rate, and such is also the case in the territoty of Slovenia. The Red List of Endangered Breeding Species in Sloveniahas been prepared on the basis of historical ortnithological documentation and the data gathered in the last twenty years, especially thosepublished in the Ornithological Atlas of Slovenia and Acrocephalus, the journal of the Bird Watching and Bird Study of Slovenia. Comparisions with theprevious Red List (Gregori, Matvejev 1992) have also been made. Of the 364 species established in Slovenia so far, 219 were breeders. In the current Red List, 130 species appear in various threat status categories and subcategoriesor 59.4% of all Slovene breeding species. Nine (9) appear in the category of insufficiently known species (K 5). Due to the great geographical and ecological resemblance between Slovenia and Austria, the Slovene Red List is very similar to the one prepared by our neighbour. In spite of seemingly complicated categoties and subcategories, the basic threat status categories are in concurrence with the IUCN scheme. Arrangement of species in different categories seems revelant for the following reasons: because it exposes various causes due to which the breeders of Slovenia are endangered and at thesame time stipulates conservation guidelines for each separate species; becaused the definitions of subcategories are at the same time the criteria according to which the species are included in the List, and because the List is in this way adjusted to the specific biogeographical conditions of Slovenia. To preserve the species appearing in category a, conservation withinnature reserves (protected areas) should be sufficient. (Abstract truncated at 2000 characters.)

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Title:Red list of endangered breeding birds in Slovenia

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