Veliki klinkač Aquila clanga na Ljubljanskem barju
ID Trebušak, Marko (Author), ID Rubinič, Borut (Author), ID Vrezec, Al (Author)

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Between November 5th and 12th 1998, two juvenile Spotted Eagles Aquila clanga were observed at Ljubljansko barje (Ljubljana Marshes) between the villages ofBevke and Podpeč. This is the eighth record of this particular bird of prey in Slovenia and the first observation of two individuals at the very same time. The occurrence coincided with the autumn rains and floods that killed numerous small mammals, on which eventually fed these birds.

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Publisher:Društvo za opazovanje in proučevanje ptic Slovenije
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Publisher:Društvo za opazovanje in proučevanje ptic Slovenije
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Title:Spotted eagle Aguila clanga at Ljubljansko barje
Med 5.11. in 12.11.1998 sta bila na Ljubljanskem barju med Bevkami in Podpečjoopazovana dva (2) mladostna velika klinkača Aquila clanga. Gre za osmipodatek te ujede v Sloveniji in prvo opazovanje dveh osebkov hkrati. Pojavljanje se je časovno ujemalo z jesenskim deževjem in poplavami, v katerihje poginilo veliko število malih sesalcev, s katerimi sta se ptici prehranjevali.

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