Pomen dela, nekaj rezultatov iz mednarodne raziskave
Antončič, Vojko (Author)

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Some results of an international research project are presented. The project deals with the meaning of working. The meaning of working is considered as a multidimensional concept. The notion of job image and the notion of preferenceare introduced. They are used as a conceptual basis for measuring two dimensions of the meaning of working, i.e., preferability of intrinsic work and preferability of leisure. The collected data provide evidence that job characteristics corresponding to the noninstrumental wants associated with working are universalistic values. Occupation is the best predictor of preferability ofintrinsic work, as compared with other variables. The effectof occupation is 7-8 times greater than the country effect on preferability of intrinsic work. It seems safe to conclude that the country effect, though statistically significant, is substantively unimportant. The hypothesis that there is a causal path between occupational experience and work values receives some support from this analysis. But, clearly, the socialization effect of occupational experience is far from being so potent as to establish a satisfactory congruence between the existing work structure and work culture. This leads to the hypothesis that experiences outside the work environment exert crucial impact on work culture. Preferences for job images suggest that extrinsic work rewards might be traded for leisure, whereas leisure is not a substitute for intrinsic work rewards. There is no evidence that the occupational group or the country factor engenders a substantively important variation in preferability of leisure. Overall, education turns out to be the best predictor of preferability ofleisure. The span of the estimated education effect, however, does not provide a justification for concluding that stratification characteristics generate substantively imporatant differences in preferability of leisure.

Keywords:delo, prosti čas, Slovenija, mednarodne raziskave, empirični podatki
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Title:Družboslovne razprave
Shortened title:Družbosl. razpr.
Publisher:Slovensko sociološko društvo, Fakulteta za družbene vede
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Keywords:labour, leisure, Slovenia, international researches, empirical data

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