Evaluation of connectedness between the management units of Landrace breed of pigs in Croatia
Škorput, Dubravko (Author), Gorjanc, Gregor (Author), Luković, Zoran (Author)

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Connectedness between the Landrace pig herds in Croatia was evaluated on field test records (4,930) from 2005 to 2008. The aim was to assess connectedness using the connectedness rating (CR) method among large scale farms and family farms (as one group). In addition, reliability of breeding values was calculated for separate and joint genetic evaluation of animals in large scale farms and family farms. The last herd-year-season levels in each farm were defined as management units for the evaluation of CR. The range of CR values between management units was from 0.004 to 0.035, while the averages of CR by management units ranged from 0.013 to 0.024. The highest CR (0.035) was found between the large scale farm D and a group of family farms. Average reliability was in range between 0.21 for farm B to 0.29 for farm A in separate analyses and between 0.31 on farm B to 0.38 on farm D and family farms in joint analysis of all farms. Low level of connectedness and limited increase in reliability do not support use of joint genetic evaluation results across all management units in Croatian breeding programme. Artificial insemination should be used as an instrument of increasing connectedness between pig herds in the Croatian national pig breeding programme.

Keywords:pigs, breeds, Landrace, management units, connectedness, connectedness rating method, Croatia
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Keywords:prašiči, pasme, landrace, menedžment, povezave, metode, Hrvaška

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