Hydromorphological degradation impact on benthic invertebrates in large rivers in Slovenia
Urbanič, Gorazd (Author)

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Large rivers are amongst the most degraded ecosystems. We studied a relationship between hydromorphological degradation and benthic invertebrates in large rivers in Slovenia. Five indices of the Slovenian hydromorphological assessment methodology were used to develop a HM stressor gradient. Natural type-specific habitat diversity was considered in the hydromorphological stressor gradient building and thus two hydromorphological types of large rivers were defined. CCA ordination with five HMindices and 315 benthic invertebrate taxa revealed variations in taxa response along the HM stressor gradient. First CCA axis species values were used to develop a taxon-specific river fauna value (Rfi), whereas tolerance values (biplot scaling) were used to determine a hydromorphological indicative weight (HWi). Rfi, HWi, and log5 abundance classes were combined using weighted average approach to construct aRiver fauna index for large rivers (RFIVR). Several additional benthic invertebrate-based metrics were also tested against the HQM. A Slovenian multimetric index for assessing the hydromorphological impact on benthic invertebrates in large rivers (SMEIHVR) was constructed from the RFIVR and a functional metric %akal + lithal + psammal taxa (scored taxa = 100%). The strong relationship between hydromorphological stressor gradient and SMEIHVR index provides us with an effective assessment system and river management tool.

Keywords:hydromorphology, SIHM, benthic invertebrates, large rivers, bioassessment, ecological status, boundary setting
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Tipology:1.01 - Original Scientific Article
Organization:BF - Biotechnical Faculty
Number of pages:Str. 191-207
Numbering:Vol. 729, iss. 1
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