Growth and mortality of SIKA suckling rabbits in Slovenia
Planinc, Martina (Author), Kermauner, Ajda (Author), Malovrh, Špela (Author), Kovač, Milena (Author)

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The aim of the study was to estimate some effects on mortality and growth in rabbits. The study was carried out in Slovenian SIKA sire line. In total, 1028 kits of 80 does were included. In the analyses the effects of parity, number of liveborn kits, number of teats, and season of kits birth were analysed. Birth weight was included in the model for mortality, while age was included in the model for growth. Parity, litter siye, teat number and season affected the bodz weights. Body weight varied also according to age. Mortality has changes by litter size, season and initial weight. An average litter size was 8.77 kits born, 8.15 kits born alive and 7.00 kits weaned. The birth to weaning mortality was 14.4% and mortality has steadily declined with age. Average weight up to age 3 days was 72 g and at weaning 959 g. Kits in smaller litters and kits from does with more teats had a higher growth rate. Also kits grow faster in the colder months.

Keywords:rabbits, breeds, SIKA, reproduction, growth, mortality, litter size, Slovenia
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Tipology:1.01 - Original Scientific Article
Organization:BF - Biotechnical Faculty
Number of pages:Str. 135-141
Numbering:Letn. 98, št. 2
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Title:Acta agriculturae Slovenica
Shortened title:Acta agric. Slov.
Publisher:Biotehniška fakulteta
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Namen študije je bil oceniti mone vplive na rast in izgube v času laktacije pri kuncih. Študija je bila narejena pri kuncih slovenske SIKA pasme terminalne linije. Analizirani so bili podatki 1028 kuncev 80 mater. V model smo vključili zaporedno laktacijo, število živorojenih kuncev, število seskov pri materah in sezono rojstva mladičev. Masa ob prvem tehtanju je bila vključena v model za izgube. Starost smo vključili v model za telesne mase. Na telesno maso so vplivali zaporedna laktacija, velikost gnezda, število seskov, sezona in starost. Izgube so se razlikovale glede na velikost gnezda, sezono in telesno maso ob prvem tehtanju. Povprečno število rojenih kuncev je bilo 8.77, 8.15 živorojenih in 7.00 odstavljenih. Izgube so v času laktacije znašale 14.4 % in so se s starostjo zmanjševale. Telesna masa mladičev do starosti 3 dni je bila 72 g , masa od odstavitvi pa je v povprečju znašala 959 g. Kunci v manjših gnezdih in kunci mater z več seski so rasli hitreje. Prav tako kunci hitreje rastejo v hladnejših mesecih.

Keywords:kunci, pasme, SIKA, reprodukcija, rast, izgube, velikost gnezda, Slovenija

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