Influence of sex and age at slaughter on growth performance and carcass traits of Boer kids
Kaić, Ana (Author), Cividini, Angela (Author), Potočnik, Klemen (Author)

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The aim of the study was to evaluate growth performance and carcass traits of the Boer kids. A total of thirty-four kids were used. The animals were divided into two groups based on sex (17 male and 17 female) and slaughter age (85 +/- 10.14 days (Group 1) and 139 +/- 17.55 days (Group 2)). In comparison to female kids, male kids had significantly higher average birth weight (3.3 kg : 3.7 kg) and significantly higher average daily gain (163 g : 203 g). Due to greater birth weight and average daily gain, male kids reached higher slaughter weight than female kids. Although mean values of dressing percentage between sexes were not significant (P > 0.05), females (47.1%) had slightly higher values than male kids (45.2%). The increased slaughter weight accompanied the feeding period from 83 to 139 days and, although not significant (P > 0.05), showed slight increase in dressing percentage between groups. Age had positive and significant (P <= 0.001) influence on deposition of subcutaneous fatness. Male kids had more developed carcasses than females. Carcass length, hind leg width and shoulder width differed significantly and increased with slaughter age. Sex did not significantly affected proportions of liver, lungs, head and skin. Female kids had higher proportion of hearth (P <= 0.05) and spleen (P <= 0.001). Proportions of heart, spleen and skin at twodifferent ages at slaughter were not significant.

Keywords:goats, breeds, Boer breed, kids, slaughter age, sex, carcass traits, growth
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Tipology:1.08 - Published Scientific Conference Contribution
Organization:BF - Biotechnical Faculty
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