Heavy minerals as indicators of source material in soils on carbonates
ID Čeplak, Barbara (Author), ID Miler, Miloš (Author), ID Zupančič, Nina (Author), ID Jarc, Simona (Author)

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The origin of the soils formed on carbonate rocks remains uncertain, as they are probably of polygenetic origin. Of particular interest are the elevated contents of some trace elements detected in these soils, as they can hardly be attributed to insoluble residues of carbonate rock. The aim of this study was to uncover the relationship between heavy minerals in bedrock and soil and to identify other sources that influence the mineral and chemical composition of soil. We investigated representative samples of soils and dolomite bedrock as well as sandstones and marlstones from the nearby flysch basin as an expected source of the aeolian contribution. XRD and SEM/EDS showed that mineral diversity is higher in soils compared to the dolomites. Heavy minerals found in dolomite insoluble residue include sphalerite, Ti-oxide (probably rutile), zircon, fluorite, pyrite, minerals of REE phosphates and apatite group, interpreted as terrigenous detrital material. The mineral composition of soil heavy fraction is only partly following insoluble residues of bedrock and indicates possible aeolian contribution. Comparison with nearby flysch sandstones and marlstones showed similarities in mineralogical diversity by the presence of chromite and Fe-Cr(Mn) oxides (probably carmichaelite). Other minerals present in soils and flysch layers, such as Ti-oxide (probably rutile), zircon, REE phosphates, and pyrite grains, however, show similarities in mode of occurrence and transport indications. Signs of aeolian transport on the grains detected in soils were further confirmed by SEM/EDS.

Keywords:Phaeozem, Upper Triassic dolomite, flysch layers, trace elements, SEM/EDS
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Numbering:Vol. 35, art. e00735
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DOI:10.1016/j.geodrs.2023.e00735 This link opens in a new window
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Publication date in RUL:12.12.2023
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