Wear behaviour of a Cu-Ni-Sn hybrid composite reinforced with B4C prepared by powder metallurgy technique
ID Allasi, Haiter Lenin (Author), ID Chidambaranathan, Vettivel Singaravel (Author), ID Soosaimariyan, Mary Vasanthi (Author)

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Cu matrix composites benefit from the high electrical and thermal conductivities of Cu and the mechanical wear/erosion resistance of hard reinforcement. In this study, an attempt has been made to determine the effect of the addition of reinforcement B4C in Cu-Ni-Sn. The B4C is reinforced to form a hybrid Cu matrix composite with powder metallurgy technique. The hybrid composites are obtained by milling, blending, and compacting the powders to obtain a fine grain-sized particle without aggregation. The grain size and particle nature were characterized using scanning electron microscope (SEM) and X-ray diffraction (XRD) techniques, respectively. The microstructure, density, hardness, and wear rate of the composites were studied. The pin-on-disc method is equipped to study the wear behaviour and coefficient of friction. The sintered density of the prepared Cu-15%Ni is 98.25 %, Cu-8%Sn is 98.20 %, Cu-15%Ni-8%Sn is 98.10 % and Cu-15%Ni-8%Sn-2%B4C is 95.26 % and lower specific wear rate has been recorded for Cu-15Ni-8Sn-2B4C 121×10-6 mm3/(Nm) and the addition of reinforcement B4C in Cu-Ni-Sn displays remarkable changes in wear rate and friction coefficient.

Keywords:powder metallurgy, copper, wear, characterization, density, composites
Work type:Article
Typology:1.01 - Original Scientific Article
Organization:FS - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
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Number of pages:Str. 275-283
Numbering:Vol. 69, no. 5/6
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ISSN on article:0039-2480
DOI:10.5545/sv-jme.2022.423 This link opens in a new window
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Publication date in RUL:08.06.2023
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Title:Strojniški vestnik
Shortened title:Stroj. vestn.
Publisher:Zveza strojnih inženirjev in tehnikov Slovenije [etc.], = Association of Mechanical Engineers and Technicians of Slovenia [etc.
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Title:Obrabne lastnosti hibridnega kompozita Cu-Ni-Sn, ojačenega z B4C in pripravljenega po postopkih metalurgije prahov
Keywords:metalurgija prahov, baker, obraba, karakterizacija, gostota, hibridni kompoziti, vrstični elektronski mikroskop, rentgenska difrakcija

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