Who are the decision-makers in non-profit sport clubs from transition countries?
ID Ivašković, Igor (Author)

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The article discusses the hierarchies of decision makers in non-profit sport clubs. On the basis of data, collected in 73 sport clubs from four South-East European countries, author identifies: a) who carries the largest part of responsibility for the organizational performance; b) who has the most important influence on HRM activities; and c) are those results in relation with the hierarchies of interest groups. The results indicate that private sponsors’ involvement significantly increases in top quality clubs, while the interferences of volunteers, local community, the state and municipal authorities are stronger in lower ranked clubs. The greatest responsibility for the clubs’ performance is on coaches, athletes, and clubs' presidents. In the field of HRM the influences of the sports directors, sponsors' representatives and agents increase, while the influence of the clubs' presidents decreases with the level of quality. Volunteers’ interference in clubs’ activities stimulates presidents’ influence on HRM, decreases the degree of director’s performance responsibility, and decreases head coaches’ and sport directors’ influence on HRM. On the other hand, the interference of private sponsors puts more pressure on the functions of head coach and top management.

Keywords:non-profit clubs, organizational structure, HRM, responsibility
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Publication date in RUL:05.01.2023
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