Keep it positive : exploring the relationship between stress, positive affect, wellbeing, and success of entrepreneurs
ID Drnovšek, Mateja (Author), ID Slavec Gomezel, Alenka (Author)

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Entrepreneurs’ wellbeing is of unprecedented importance given their crucial role in national economies in terms of job creation and innovation. In this research, we used a mixed methods approach to investigate the direct and indirect mechanisms by which entrepreneurs’ wellbeing mediates the effects of stress on perceived entrepreneurial success. We theorize that entrepreneurs experience work-related stress and that the level of perceived wellbeing mediates the relationship between the entrepreneurs’ stress and perceived success. We also hypothesize moderation effects by dispositional positive affect. We find that stress has direct negative effects on entrepreneurs’ wellbeing and perceived success. However, an experience of positive affect significantly weakens the negative effects of stress by broadening and building entrepreneurs’ cognitions. Drawing from our theoretical and empirical findings, we discuss implications for theory and practice in the domain of entrepreneurs’ wellbeing.

Keywords:family, career, work-life balance, stress, positive affect, wellbeing, entrepreneur, success, mixed-method
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Typology:1.01 - Original Scientific Article
Organization:EF - School of Economics and Business
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Publication date in RUL:05.01.2023
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Title:Frontiers in psychology
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Keywords:družina, kariera, usklajevanje službenega in zasebnega življenja, stres


Funder:ARRS - Slovenian Research Agency
Project number:P5-0117
Name:Trajnostna konkurenčnost slovenskega gospodarstva v evropskem in globalnem okviru

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