How can we advance integrative biology research in animal science in 21st century? : experience at University of Ljubljana from 2002 to 2022
ID Kunej, Tanja (Author), ID Horvat, Simon (Author), ID Salobir, Janez (Author), ID Stres, Blaž (Author), ID Mikec, Špela (Author), ID Accetto, Tomaž (Author), ID Avguštin, Gorazd (Author), ID Bogovič Matijašić, Bojana (Author), ID Cividini, Angela (Author), ID Čanžek Majhenič, Andreja (Author), ID Čepon, Marko (Author), ID Deutsch, Leon (Author), ID Djurdjevič, Ida (Author), ID Erjavec, Emil (Author), ID Gorjanc, Gregor (Author), ID Holcman, Antonija (Author), ID Jordan, Dušanka (Author), ID Juvančič, Luka (Author), ID Kavčič, Stane (Author), ID Kermauner, Ajda (Author), ID Klopčič, Marija (Author), ID Kocjančič, Tina (Author), ID Kovač, Milena (Author), ID Kuhar, Aleš (Author), ID Lavrenčič, Andrej (Author), ID Leskovec, Jakob (Author), ID Levart, Alenka (Author), ID Malovrh, Špela (Author), ID Marinšek-Logar, Romana (Author), ID Mohar Lorbeg, Petra (Author), ID Narat, Mojca (Author), ID Obermajer, Tanja (Author), ID Paveljšek, Diana (Author), ID Pirman, Tatjana (Author), ID Potočnik, Klemen (Author), ID Rac, Ilona (Author), ID Rezar, Vida (Author), ID Rogelj, Irena (Author), ID Simčič, Mojca (Author), ID Snoj, Aleš (Author), ID Sušnik Bajec, Simona (Author), ID Šumrada, Tanja (Author), ID Terčič, Dušan (Author), ID Treven, Primož (Author), ID Vodovnik, Maša (Author), ID Zupan Šemrov, Manja (Author), ID Žgajnar, Jaka (Author), ID Žgur, Silvester (Author), ID Dovč, Peter (Author)

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In this perspective analysis, we strive to answer the following question: how can we advance integrative biology research in the 21st century with lessons from animal science? At the University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty, Department of Animal Science, we share here our three lessons learned in the two decades from 2002 to 2022 that we believe could inform integrative biology, systems science, and animal science scholarship in other countries and geographies. Cultivating multiomics knowledge through a conceptual lens of integrative biology is crucial for life sciences research that can stand the test of diverse biological, clinical, and ecological contexts. Moreover, in an era of the current COVID-19 pandemic, animal nutrition and animal science, and the study of their interactions with human health (and vice versa) through integrative biology approaches hold enormous prospects and significance for systems medicine and ecosystem health.

Keywords:animal science, integrative biology, systems science, ecology, COVID-19
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DOI:10.1089/omi.2022.0133 This link opens in a new window
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Publication date in RUL:29.12.2022
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Keywords:integrativna biologija, znanost o živalih, sistemska znanost, izobraževanje, visoko šolstvo, Slovenija


Funder:ARRS - Slovenian Research Agency
Project number:P4-0220
Name:Primerjalna genomika in genomska biodiverziteta

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Name:Prehrana in mikrobna ekologija prebavil

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