The effect of mycorrhizal inoculum and phosphorus treatment on growth and flowering of ajania (Ajania pacifica (Nakai) Bremer et Humphries) plant
ID Vošnjak, Matej (Author), ID Likar, Matevž (Author), ID Osterc, Gregor (Author)

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The influence of mycorrhizal inoculum in combination with different phosphorus treatments on growth and flowering parameters of Ajania (Ajania pacifica (Nakai) Bremer et Humphries) plants was investigated in two growing seasons (2015 and 2016). Plants of the cultivar ‘Silver and Gold’ were transplanted into pots either with added mycorrhizal inoculum or without inoculum and assigned to four phosphorus treatments. Mycorrhizal colonization was assessed by evaluating the frequency of colonization, intensity of colonization and density of fungal structures (arbuscules, vesicles, coils and microsclerotia) in the roots. During the growing season, the content of plant available phosphorus in the soil was analyzed, and shoot length, number of shoots, number of inflorescences, number of flowers and flowering time were evaluated. Inoculated Ajania plants were successfully colonized with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and dark septate endophytic fungi. In the root segments, hyphae were mainly observed, as well as vesicles, coils, arbuscules and microsclerotia, but in lower density. The density of fungal structures did not differ among phosphorus treatments, but did differ between years, with a higher density of fungal structures in 2016. Mycorrhizal plants developed higher number of shoots in 2016, higher number of inflorescences, higher number of flowers, and they flowered longer compared to uninoculated plants.

Keywords:arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi, dark septate endophytic fungi, phosphorus, fertilization, growth, flowering, fungal colonization
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Publication date in RUL:22.03.2022
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Keywords:Ajania pacifica, arbuskularna mikoriza, gnojenje, okrasne rastline, rast, cvetenje, glivna kolonizacija


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