Curvature potential unveiled topological defect attractors
ID Mesarec, Luka (Author), ID Iglič, Aleš (Author), ID Kralj-Iglič, Veronika (Author), ID Góźdź, Wojciech (Author), ID Virga, Epifanio Giovanni (Author), ID Kralj, Samo (Author)

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We consider the theoretical and positional assembling of topological defects (TDs) in effectively two-dimensional nematic liquid crystal films. We use a phenomenological Helfrich– Landau–de Gennes-type mesoscopic model in which geometric shapes and nematic orientational order are expressed in terms of a curvature tensor field and a nematic tensor order parameter field. Extrinsic, intrinsic, and total curvature potentials are introduced using the parallel transport concept. These potentials reveal curvature seeded TD attractors. To test ground configurations, we used axially symmetric nematic films exhibiting spherical topology.

Keywords:topological defects, nematic liquid crystals, nematic shells, geometric potentials, curvature
Work type:Article
Typology:1.01 - Original Scientific Article
Organization:FE - Faculty of Electrical Engineering
ZF - University College of Health Studies
Publication status in journal:Published
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Number of pages:16 str.
Numbering:Vol. 11, iss. 5, art. 539
PID:20.500.12556/RUL-135428 This link opens in a new window
ISSN on article:2073-4352
DOI:10.3390/cryst11050539 This link opens in a new window
COBISS.SI-ID:63076611 This link opens in a new window
Publication date in RUL:14.03.2022
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Shortened title:Crystals
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License:CC BY 4.0, Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International
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Licensing start date:12.05.2021

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Keywords:topološki defekti, nematski tekoči kristali, nematične lupine, geometrijski potenciali, ukrivljenost


Funder:ARRS - Agencija za raziskovalno dejavnost Republike Slovenije
Project number:P1-0099
Name:Fizika mehkih snovi, površin in nanostruktur

Funder:ARRS - Agencija za raziskovalno dejavnost Republike Slovenije
Project number:J1-2457
Name:Fazni prehodi proti koordinaciji v večplastnih omrežjih

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Name:Funkcije in tehnologije kompleksnih sistemov

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Project number:801338
Name:Extracellular vesicles from a natural source for tailor-made nanomaterials

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Funding programme:NCN
Project number:2018/30/Q/ST3/00434

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