Assessing velocity and directionality of uterine electrical activity for preterm birth prediction using EHG surface records
ID Jager, Franc (Author), ID Geršak, Ksenija (Author), ID Vouk, Paula (Author), ID Pirnar, Žiga (Author), ID Trojner-Bregar, Andreja (Author), ID Lučovnik, Miha (Author), ID Borovac, Ana (Author)

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The aim of the present study was to assess the capability of conduction velocity amplitudes and directions of propagation of electrohysterogram (EHG) waves to better distinguish between preterm and term EHG surface records. Using short-time cross-correlation between pairs of bipolar EHG signals (upper and lower, left and right), the conduction velocities and their directions were estimated using preterm and term EHG records of the publicly available Term–Preterm EHG DataSet with Tocogram (TPEHGT DS) and for different frequency bands below and above 1.0 Hz, where contractions and the influence of the maternal heart rate on the uterus, respectively, are expected. No significant or preferred continuous direction of propagation was found in any of the non-contraction (dummy) or contraction intervals; however, on average, a significantly lower percentage of velocity vectors was found in the vertical direction, and significantly higher in the horizontal direction, for preterm dummy intervals above 1.0 Hz. The newly defined features—the percentages of velocities in the vertical and horizontal directions, in combination with the sample entropy of the EHG signal recorded in the vertical direction, obtained from dummy intervals above 1.0 Hz—showed the highest classification accuracy of 86.8% (AUC = 90.3%) in distinguishing between preterm and term EHG records of the TPEHGT DS.

Keywords:propagation of EHG waves, cross correlation, dummy intervals, contraction intervals, conduction velocity, preterm birth prediction, electrohysterogram, short-time cross-correlation, conduction velocity directionality
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Publication date in RUL:24.01.2022
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Keywords:propagacija EHG valov, križna korelacija, prazni intervali, intervali s popadki, hitrost prevajanja, napovedovanje prezgodnjega poroda


Funder:ARRS - Slovenian Research Agency
Project number:P3-0124
Name:Metabolni in prirojeni dejavniki reproduktivnega zdravja, porod III

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