Anthropometric characteristics, maximal isokinetic strength and selected handball power indicators are specific to playing positions in elite Kosovan handball players
ID Havolli, Jeton (Author), ID Bahtiri, Abedin (Author), ID Kambič, Tim (Author), ID Idrizović, Kemal (Author), ID Bjelica, Duško (Author), ID Pori, Primož (Author)

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Anthropometric characteristics and physical performance are closely related to the game demands of each playing position. This study aimed to first examine the differences between playing positions in anthropometric characteristics and physical performance with special emphasis on the isokinetic strength of elite male handball players, and secondly to examine the correlations of the latter variables with ball velocity. Anthropometric characteristics, maximal isokinetic strength, sprinting and vertical jumping performance, and ball velocity in the set shot and jump shot were obtained from 93 elite handball players (age 22 ± 5 years, height 184 ± 8 cm, and weight 84 ± 14 kg) pre-season. Wing players were shorter compared to other players, and pivots were the heaviest. Wings had the fastest 20 m sprints, and, along with backcourt players, jumped higher, had better maximal knee isometric strength, and achieved the highest ball velocity compared to pivots and goalkeepers, respectively. There were no significant differences between playing positions in unilateral and bilateral maximal leg strength imbalances. Ball velocity was significantly correlated with height, weight, squat jump and maximal torque of extensors and flexors. Our study suggest that shooting success is largely determined by the player’s height, weight, muscle strength and power, while it seems that anthropometric characteristics and physical performance are closely related to the game demands of each playing position.

Keywords:sport, handball players, morphology, isokinetic, sprints, vertical jump performance, handball shooting, Kosovo
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Publication date in RUL:03.01.2022
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Keywords:šport, rokomet, igralci, morfologija, izokinetika, šprinti, navpični skok, skoki, met na gol, Kosovo

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