Evaluation of the pre-planned and non-planned agility performance : comparison between individual and team sports
ID Maćkała, Krzysztof (Author), ID Vodičar, Janez (Author), ID Žvan, Milan (Author), ID Križaj, Jožef (Author), ID Stodółka, Jacek (Author), ID Rauter, Samo (Author), ID Čoh, Milan (Author)

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This study assessed differences in agility performance between athletes of team and individual sports by assessing change-of-direction speed (CODS) as pre-planned agility and reactive agility (RA) as non-planned in different spatial configurations. The study involved 36 individual (sprint, hurdles, jumping, tennis, and judo) and 34 team (soccer, basketball, and handball) athletes. CODS and RA were measured with a light-based reactive training system in a frontal (FR), universal (UN), semicircular (SC), and lateral (LA) design. Lower limb power and sprint performance were also measured in a 10 m single leg jump test and 15 m sprint. Individual athletes showed significantly better performance in three of the eight agility tests: LA-RA, UN-RA, and SC-CODS (p < 0.008, p < 0.036, and p < 0.027, respectively) and were found to present stronger correlations (p < 0.01) between jump test performance and the CODS condition. Team athletes showed stronger associations between sprint performance and the CODS condition. In the RA condition both jump and sprint performance showed stronger correlations in the group of individual athletes. Agility performance as measured by CODS and RA should improve with enhanced of motor proficiency. Finally, the tests applied in this experiment seem to be multidimensional, but require spatio-temporal adjustment for their implementation, so that they meet the requirements of the particular sport.

Keywords:agility, reaction time, CODS, testing, athletic performance, cognition
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Organization:FŠ - Faculty of Sport
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Numbering:Vol. 17, iss. 3, art. 975
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DOI:10.3390/ijerph17030975 This link opens in a new window
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Publication date in RUL:18.11.2021
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Title:International journal of environmental research and public health
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Keywords:kolektivni športi, individualni športi, primerjava, spretnost, reakcijski čas, tehnika, taktika, testi, meritve

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