The reduced-degree-of-freedom model for seismic analysis of predominantly plan-symmetric reinforced concrete wall–frame building
ID Jamšek, Aleš (Author), ID Dolšek, Matjaž (Author)

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A reduced-degree-of-freedom (RDOF) model for seismic analysis of predominantly plan-symmetric reinforced concrete (RC) wall–frame buildings is introduced. The RDOF model of the wall–frame building consists of elastic beam–column elements with concentrated plasticity used for simulating cantilever walls and predominantly plan-symmetric RC frame buildings that are represented by the improved fish-bone (IFB) model. In this paper, the capability of the RDOF model is demonstrated for two frame buildings and two wall–frame buildings. The RDOF models were defined directly from the building information model. This is an advantage of RDOF models with respect to single-degree-of-freedom (SDOF) models, while the computational robustness of the RDOF models also makes them attractive for the seismic analysis of building stock. The imposed cyclic displacement analyses conducted for the investigated buildings proved that the condensation of the degrees of freedom for RDOF models was appropriate. Consequently, only minor differences were observed for maximum storey drift IDA curves, maximum storey acceleration IDA curves, and seismic fragility functions for different limit states. However, development is needed to make RDOF models appropriate for preliminary seismic performance assessment of plan-irregular buildings.

Keywords:civil engineering, engineering structures, earthquake engineering, IFB model, reduced-degree-of-freedom (RDOF) model, reinforced concrete building, seismic analysis, nonlinear dynamic analysis, seismic fragility analysis
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Publication date in RUL:04.10.2021
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