Design and simulation of stormwater control measures using automated modeling
Radinja, Matej (Author), Škerjanec, Mateja (Author), Džeroski, Sašo (Author), Todorovski, Ljupčo (Author), Atanasova, Nataša (Author)

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Description: prosto dostopno

Stormwater control measures (SCMs) are decentralized technical elements, which can prevent the negative effects of uncontrolled stormwater flow while providing co-benefits. Optimal SCMs have to be selected and designed to achieve the desired hydrological response of an urban catchment. In this study, automated modeling and domain-specific knowledge in the fields of modeling rainfall-runoff (RR) and SCMs are applied to automate the process of optimal SCM design. A new knowledge library for modeling RR and SCMs, compliant with the equation discovery tool ProBMoT (Process-Based Modeling Tool), was developed. The proposed approach was used to (a) find the optimal RR model that best fits the available pipe flow measurements, and (b) to find the optimal SCMs design that best fits the target catchment outflow. The approach was applied to an urban catchment in the city of Ljubljana, Slovenia. First, nine RR models were created that generally had "very good" performance according to the Nash%Sutcliffe efficiency criteria. Second, six SCM scenarios (i.e., detention pond, storage tank, bio-retention cell, infiltration trench, rain garden, and green roof) were automatically designed and simulated, enabling the assessment of their ability to achieve the target outflow. The proposed approach enables the effective automation of two complex calibration tasks in the field of urban drainage.

Keywords:stormwater control measures, rainfall-runoff model, automated modeling, domain knowledge, equation discovery, process-based modeling
Work type:Article (dk_c)
Tipology:1.01 - Original Scientific Article
Organization:FGG - Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering
Submitted for review:14.07.2021
Article acceptance date:17.08.2021
Article publication date:19.08.2021
Number of pages:26 str.
Numbering:Vol. 13, no. 16, iss. 2268
ISSN on article:2073-4441
DOI:10.3390/w13162268 This link opens in a new window
COBISS.SI-ID:73739779 This link opens in a new window
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Name:Vodarstvo in geotehnika: orodja in metode za analize in simulacije procesov ter razvoj tehnologij

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Keywords:ukrepi za obvladovanje padavinskih voda, model površinskega odtoka, avtomatizirano modeliranje, domensko znanje, odkrivanje enačb, procesno bazirani modeli

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