MPC control and LQ optimal control of a two-link robot arm : a comparative study
ID Guechi, El-Hadi (Author), ID Bouzoualegh, Samir (Author), ID Zennir, Youcef (Author), ID Blažič, Sašo (Author)

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This study examined the control of a planar two-link robot arm. The control approach design was based on the dynamic model of the robot. The mathematical model of the system was nonlinear, and thus a feedback linearization control was first proposed to obtain a linear system for which a model predictive control (MPC) was developed. The MPC control parameters were obtained analytically by minimizing a cost function. In addition, a simulation study was done comparing the proposed MPC control approach, the linear quadratic (LQ) control based on the same feedback linearization, and a control approach proposed in the literature for the same problem. The results showed the efficiency of the proposed method.

Keywords:two-link robot arm, dynamic model, nonlinear control, MPC control, linear quadratic optimal control
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Typology:1.01 - Original Scientific Article
Organization:FE - Faculty of Electrical Engineering
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Numbering:Vol. 6, iss. 3, art. 37
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DOI:10.3390/machines6030037 This link opens in a new window
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Publication date in RUL:30.09.2021
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Keywords:robotska roka z dvema prostostnima stopnjama, dinamični modeli, nelinearno vodenje, modelno prediktivno vodenje, linearno kvadratično optimalno vodenje


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Funding programme:Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Algeria
Project number:CNEPRU J0201620140014

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