The development of dewatering predictions of the Velenje coalmine
ID Vukelić, Željko (Author), ID Dervarič, Evgen (Author), ID Šporin, Jurij (Author), ID Vižintin, Goran (Author)

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The complex hydro-geological situation, particularly in terms of groundwater, has been a constant threat to the mining carried out at the Velenje colliery since its inception. Of particular interest to the authors are the difficulties presented to the colliery by the adjacent sand aquifers, as the water pressure within these sands directly impacts mining safety, and the aquifers themselves are most directly affected by dewatering. In order to monitor water levels and estimate dewatering at the Velenje wells, multi-layered modelling using 3D Finite Difference Method (FDM) has already been carried out. However, FDM is not optimal due to its greater dependence on cell size than on water flow. In 2017 in Velenje, a series of wells will be terminated as a result of mining and mining-induced subsidence, leading to dewatering and danger of flooding. As part of a plan to address this by replacing dewatering structures, a series of drive-in filters will be implemented around the entry and exit point tunnels of a longwall face. Because FDM seems to be inadequate for purposes of optimising this process, the Finite Elements Method (FEM) was applied in this case. Based on such an application of FEM, a prediction of the optimisation of drive-in filters was carried out by the authors.

Keywords:colliery, coal mine, excavation, pumping, dewatering, predicted dewatering, groundwater, aquifer, Velenje coal mine
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Publication date in RUL:29.09.2021
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Shortened title:Energies
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Funder:ARRS - Slovenian Research Agency
Project number:L1-5451
Name:Ocena možnosti geološkega zajemanja CO2 v nizko zrelih premogih: Velenjski bazen, Slovenija kot naravni analog

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Funding programme:Velenje coalmine

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