Saving of freshmen and their parents in Slovenia : saving motives and links to parental financial socialization
ID Lep, Žan (Author), ID Zupančič, Maja (Author), ID Poredoš, Mojca (Author)

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Spending money within the budget, financial planning, and saving represent important positive financial behaviors that contribute to financial satisfaction of emerging adults, which in turn predicts their satisfaction with life. In a mixed method study of Slovenian first-year university students (N = 515) and one of their parents, we qualitatively and quantitatively analyzed multi-informant survey data collected online on their motivation to save money and the factors that influence the students' choice (demographics, parental saving, and parental financial socialization). More than half of the freshmen and their parents saved money, mostly for long-term financial goals, larger investments, financial security in the future, and with self-gratification motives. Saving and the motives for saving were moderately associated within the student-parent dyads: The students whose parents saved tended to save themselves, and the saving motives of parents and their emerging adult children also showed similarities. The role of parents as agents of financial socialization in the students' healthy financial behavior was supported by significant associations between the students' recollection of parental socialization practices (direct financial teaching and financial monitoring) and their money saving.

Keywords:finance, money, money saving, financial litaracy, management, socialization, emerging adulthood, young adults, students, parents, Slovenia, motives for saving
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Publication date in RUL:23.09.2021
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