Contribution of international projects to the development of maritime spatial planning structural elements in the Northern Adriatic : the experience of Slovenia
ID Čok, Gregor (Author), ID Mezek, Slavko (Author), ID Urh, Vane (Author), ID Repe, Blaž (Author)

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Maritime spatial planning (MSP) has been developing for years on the basis of international commitments, national legislations, and professional practices. Projects under European Territorial Cooperation have also made an important contribution to its development. They were designed to support EU countries in the implementation of MSP. The projects implemented in Slovenia always covered the entire national sea and coastal zone. In accordance with the MSP Directive, the countries of Northern Adriatic are currently preparing the first generation of maritime spatial plans, largely based on the experience and results gained from these projects. This article presents the results of research aimed at assessing the contribution of the projects to the preparation of the first plan in Slovenia. Using a descriptive research method, a detailed analysis of the results of seven projects was conducted and compared with the content of the draft plan. A comparison was made and the proportion of the results implementation in the draft plan was determined for the following structural elements: development baselines, objectives and guidelines; expert bases; stakeholders and public participation; sectoral interests; administrative competences; international dimension; and databases and analytical tools. A high degree of coherence was found, showing the obvious contribution of the projects at the methodological and structural levels.

Keywords:maritime spatial planning, Northern Adriatic, international projects, structural elements, first generation of maritime spatial plans
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Publication date in RUL:04.06.2021
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Keywords:pomorsko prostorsko načrtovanje, Severni Jadran, mednarodni projekti, strukturni elementi, prva generacija pomorskih prostorskih planov


Funder:ARRS - Slovenian Research Agency
Project number:P2-0227
Name:Geoinformacijska infrastruktura in trajnostni prostorski razvoj Slovenije

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